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JUST IN: Drug Pusher Killed in Buy Bust Operation in Malabon

JUST IN: Drug Pusher Killed in Buy Bust Operation in Malabon

MANILA, Philippines — A buy-bust operation gone wrong resulted in the death of a drug suspect who shot at a poseur-buyer he suspected of working with the police in Malabon Thursday afternoon.

The operation was launched by personnel of the District Drug Enforcement Unit and District Special Operations Unit of the Northern Police District, and of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency at about 6:45 p.m. on Thursday along Alupihan Street in Barangay Longos.


The subjects of the drug bust were suspects identified only by their aliases “Estong Bato,” “Bayag,” and a certain John Mark De Guzman.

Police operatives said they were forced to shoot at the suspects after they figured out about the sting operation.

As is the nature of buy-busts, an operative would pose as a buyer and would declare arrest once the suspect accepts the payment for the delivered illegal drugs.

“However, during the said transaction, suspects noticed that they were dealing with a police operative and suddenly pulled out a firearm from his waist and a scuffle ensued. Back-up security personnel were able to fire back towards the suspects who sustained gunshot wounds in their body,” read a police report released by the National Capital Region Police Office on Friday.

Police said alias “Estong Bato” was hit during the gunfight and was rushed to Ospital ng Malabon. He was declared dead upon arrival.

De Guzman was able to flee from the crime scene, but was later arrested and brought to Tondo Medical Center for treatment. However, alias “Bayag” managed to evade arrest.

Meanwhile, an officer was wounded in the counter and was rushed to the Chinese General Hospital.

According to police, two of the suspects are included in the drugs watchlist but it was not immediately clear who among the three suspects the police were referring to.

Confiscated at the scene of encounter were three pieces of medium-sized sachets of suspected shabu weighing around 20 grams and worth P136,000, a caliber .45 pistol, and P500 buy-bust money.

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