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LOOK: 357 Police Officers links to Illegal Drug Trade

LOOK: 357 Police Officers links to Illegal Drug Trade

MANILA, Philippines — A one-star general is among 357 police officers being investigated for suspected links with the illegal drug trade.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa said the officers were relieved from their posts as the probe is ongoing.

The process will start tomorrow and is expected to be completed in a month.


Gamboa initiated the probe after seeking clearance from President Duterte during a recent joint command conference, which the Chief Executive granted.

Some of the officers were reportedly protecting drug syndicates while the others are allegedly drug users.

“We ourselves are going to process them, adjudicate and validate the information that they are involved,” Gamboa told CNN Philippines on Friday.

He said the highest ranking official under probe is a one-star general and the lowest is a patrolman.

Gamboa recently relieved Brig. Gen. Valeriano de Leon from his post as chief of the Central Visayas police.

He clarified that De Leon was not the general he was referring to in the television interview, but another official whom he refused to identity.

“He is not included in that group. His case is a different matter,” Gamboa told The STAR yesterday.

He appealed for understanding for refusing to identify the general and gave a breakdown of the officials’ ranks, saying it is not his habit to humiliate his fellow officers in public on the basis of unverified reports.

“I would like to protect their identities as they are still presumed innocent,” Gamboa said, adding all 357 officers were subjected to surprise drug tests.

He said he challenged them to forego the examination on the condition they optionally retire from the service.

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